The Newest Superfood Green: 3 Benefits + Ways to Use It

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What is the newest, trendiest superfood? All the health enthusiasts are raving about a new green powder and all of its health- and beauty-infusing powers! Welcome to the world of moringa and its superpower benefits!

Moringa is a plant that's grown in Central America, Africa, India and South America. It's usually crushed up into powder form like matcha and its benefits are far-reaching into your body, relieving acne, digestive issues, and even serious diseases.

How does it do this? 

3 Benefits of Using Moringa, the Newest Superfood:

1. More nutrient-dense than other greens:

Moringa has an obscene amount of protein for a green food. Plus even more calcium and iron than kale! This is because green plants are mostly water, but moringa has about 10% less water, making it more nutrient-dense. This means even more fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

Thanks to this beautiful plethora of nutrients, moringa can drive up your energy and have powerful effects on your body and face. And if you happen to be lactating, moringa is huge for that because of all the vitamins and nutrients (and you won't look like a dead person because of the nutrient depletion involved in breastfeeding). 

2. Has an awesome amount of vitamin B2:

This needed a category of its own because B2 is an important co-enzyme for a gigantic amount of functions in the body (especially in supporting the roles of the other important B vitamins) and in cellular respiration:

  • Needed for B6 functioning

  • Needed for vitamin A to do its job

  • Needed for synthesis of the active form of folate

  • Needed to convert tryptophan to B3

  • Needed to make oxidized glutathione into glutathione reductase

3. Reduces inflammation & regulates blood sugar:

Could be more powerful than the natural anti-inflammatory turmeric! These two reasons go together because chronically high blood sugar means inflammation. Constant high blood sugar will lead to damage of blood vessels, which increases inflammation (just like the body responds to damage with making a bruise, sending blood and other stuff there to heal the place). 

But when you have inflammation markers all up in the blood everywhere, this leads to chronic inflammation, and that is a huge problem as we well know. Inflammation is a life-saving repair mechanism, but when it's out of balance, when it's chronic, the whole body suffers. And it can be root of any problem or disease in the body. 

Inflammation is especially morbid when it's rampant in the digestive system. Most people in this modern world have an overly acidic gut with too much processed foods, sugar and foreign substances in the diet that can put the immune system on high alert, creating inflammation to protect the whole system until the inflammation itself becomes a problem.

So moringa, with all its wonderful antioxidants comes in to rev up your nutrient supply and alkalinize the acidic gut and body, reducing inflammation and redoxing. The antioxidants work to reduce and redox the effects of oxidation on your cells. Free radicals are part of the process of living (because oxygen is simply needed for us to live) but when they are over-running the place and stealing electrons from a multitude of your cells to stabilize themselves, they can become another cause of issues and diseases, including premature aging. 

Free radicals also become another cause of inflammation due to the damage they cause in the body. So you can see how everything comes down to our ability to tamp down the flame: to let the fire do its cooking, but to be able to put it out when we need to. 

How to get moringa into your everyday life:

1. Supplementation:

Obviously, like with any ole green powder, you can supplement moringa like you can with chlorella and spirulina. I recommend starting small, following the company's instructions (always choose a company you have used, that you like and trust) and work your way up. If you use moringa medicinally, you can work your way up to 8 grams a day for the anti-inflammatory benefits (now we're talking).

2. Use it in your recipes:

What do you want to cook? Get crazy and experiment a bit. If you need some ideas, download this little guide to get going:

3. Smoothies:

In that downloadable cheat sheet, I mentioned a smoothie recipe that I use for it. But whether you like a chocolatey, milky type of smoothie (like me--I go this route to satisfy my afternoon sweet tooth). Or whether you like the fruity, veggie type of smoothie, you will be good to go with this super green powder. You can drop it into any kind smoothie. 

Has anyone tried moringa yet? What do you think? What else do you think you could do with this superfood? 

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