Sun Salutation During The Rising Sun

What a show.

God's a funky artist. The most radical, top-notch director of glamorous, brilliant shows.

On these cold mornings, it's going to be necessary to warm up the joints, the spine, get the blood flowing. And to give thanks for such a day to live in, for breath, for life. It could be a prep for meditation, something to help tune into the body.

Surya Namaskara:

  1. Stand at front of the mat: tail tucked, thighs internally rotating, heart lifted. With hands at heart, make an intention for your day. 
  2. Lift hand over head, lift the heart into a mini-back-bend. Big inhale here.
  3. Exhale forward fold into uttanasana.
  4. Inhale lift heart into a half-lift - ardha uttanasana.
  5. Exhale, fold again, place hand on mat and step back into plank.
  6. Inhale in plank.
  7. Exhale chataranga (elbows to 90 degrees).
  8. Inhale, upward facing dog - lifting the heart - urdva mukka svanasana
  9. Exhale downward-facing dog - adho mukka svanasana
  10. Look between hands, exhale to hop or walk to front of the mat into forward fold.
  11. Inhale half-lift, heart pulls through.
  12. Exhale fold once again.
  13. Inhale circle the arms and rise to standing with a flat back.
  14. Palms meet over head, complete the inhale by lifting the heart.
  15. Exhale straighten the back and bring hands to heart's center. Revisit your intention for your meditation or for your day.

The body is now moving and warmed. Into the breath. Into the moment. Into worship mode.

There seem to be many versions of sun salutations. And then there are the B's and the C's (the one above is a variation of A). There are many disciplines of yoga as you know. Can't really put anything in a box. Especially something as old as yoga.

Maybe we can't help boxing? Maybe it helps our non-omniscient brains.