Ajna Chakra, the 6th Energy Center

This is the energy center of your third eye, between your eyebrows. It is symbolized by 2 indigo petals. Its sound is OM, and time is the element. The corresponding gland is the pineal gland. It is the center of visualization and intuition. It is represented by purple or indigo. 

If this chakra is blocked, we are most likely not listening to our intuition. Depression is a certain result of this: not listening to the inner voice from your spirit is one of the strongest ways to disregard your true self, and this leads to great sadness. Light and awareness are a big part of this chakra. 

This chakra functions as the seat of imagination and direct perception. Perhaps, direct perception within the imagination? Concentration and self-mastery are the signs of a strong ajna or third eye chakra. 

Problems with sleep and waking are often components of a blocked ajna chakra. Problems with listening to your intuition and using your imagination mean this chakra is blocked. A lack of concentration means there is contraction here, a frozen vortex at your third eye.

This chakra invites you to seeing things in different ways, to perceiving not just through your eyes, but through your spirit. It encourages your see deeper, so you might live more compassion and understanding towards the people around you. It can also connect you to higher realms where universal truths are usually revealed. 

We need this place to open up, as it is a major part of co-creating our lives. 

Yoga sequence to open and balance the sixth chakra (block needed):

  1. Child's pose: Sitting on your mat, bring your knees wide to the width of the mat, feet together. Plant tailbone on feet and walk hands out long in front of you, bringing your third eye to the mat. Bring your palms off the floor so that your fingertips are pressing into the mat (tented fingertips). 17 breaths, deep and slow. Focus on the ajna chakra. 
  2. Press down back into your palms, lift your hips into the air, coming to stand on hands and feet (downward facing dog). Bring feet hip-distant and hand shoulder-distant. Bring block under third eye. 
  3. Bend your knees, press tailbone towards the sky. Straighten knees and lower heels to the ground. Press down through all 10 knuckles. Spread your fingertips. Bring third eye to block. Adjust block according to how far away your head is from the ground (3 different hieghts to choose from). 17 breaths, breathing into and focusing on the ajna chakra. 
  4. Move block out of the way. Bring knees to the floor, sitting back on feet and hands in lap for the Ajna Chakra Meditation