Crown Chakra, the last and seventh

You are working your way through your chakras and built your way up to the crown chakra, the king of all the chakras. 

The crown or sahasrara chakra is the seat of consciousness. Its element is space or consciousness. We are talking about consciousness of thought, of emotion. This is where we bring space to the mind, where we create space between our thoughts. 

Its color is white. And bliss is its key function. Bliss arises out the direct connection with the God or the Source of all light and consciousness. It is symbolized by 972 petals. It has no sound. Silence and space only. 

The corresponding glands are the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus which direct the whole body's endocrine system, instigating and driving all hormones (chemical messages) throughout the body. 

The crown chakra is all about connection to the Source. Openness in this chakra means a spiritually-guided life. You feel fully connected, powered, actualized. Divine energy flows through you into everything you do. Your service is divinely inspired. This is bliss. 

A blockage in this chakra is unconsciousness. It means fear and pain, isolation and disconnection from God. It means a lack of empathy and spirit. It means a mediocre life experience. We can break through. 

Yoga for the Crown Chakra (wall space needed):

  1. Headstand: You can line the short side of your mat against the wall. If you're experienced with headstand, go without the wall. Challenge yourself if you feel you might not need it. Come to down-dog, bring elbows to the floor and interlace your fingers, making a basket with your hands. Make sure your elbows are shoulder-distant apart. Bring your hairline to the the floor. Walk your feet in, as you pull everything into your centerline. Engage your core and legs and arms as you walk your feet as close to your face as possible. 
  2. Pressing legs and feet together, slowly lift feet off the ground, bringing them overhead, pointing toes and balls of your feet together and eventually toward the ceiling. Squeeze everything in and concentrate on your breath. Feet over hips, over shoulders. Press down into your forearms and the crown of your head. Try to stay in headstand for 3 minutes.
  3. When you are ready to come down, slowly lower your straight legs and bring balls of the feet to the floor. From here, rest in child's pose.
  4. When you come out of child's pose, come to the wall and bring yourself into a fetal position on your side with seat against the wall. Roll onto your back and walk your legs up the wall. Make sure tailbone and lower back are solid on the floor. Arms out like wings. Close your eyes and concentrate on your crown chakra, the top of your head. Imagine a white light shining out from the top of it. 3 minutes here. 
  5. When you are ready, come out the way you came into the pose and come to sit for the Crown Chakra meditation