Beginner Yoga Flow: Day 1 of Beginner Yogi Series - Basic Poses

Beginner yoga: Awesome flow class to start yoga and lay the foundations of a beautiful practice! We cover both sun salutation A and B, all 3 warriors, chair pose, downward facing dog, chataranga dandasana, upward facing dog, etc. 

20 minute yoga video for flowing or refining your practice, covering all the basics. You can learn the basics again if you're coming back. 

One thing I would like to say here is that Manduka is my favorite yoga brand. I’m using a different mat here because I keep my Manduka at the studio, but my favorite mat and all other props are all Manduka, coming from a yoga teacher who’s tried a lot of stuff. I get asked about yoga brands a lot, and this is my answer. Just saying.

As for clothes, I get a lot of my stuff from Yoga Outlet because they have a wide selection, plus good deals and promotions sometimes.

If you are new to yoga or are at level 1, congratulations on starting your practice, and I hope this helps you!

7-day beginner yogi series image.png

Comment below about your experience with this practice here on Day 1. What worked? What your challenges? Your successes? 

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