Beginner Yoga Flow: Day 4 of the Beginner Yogi Series - Forward Folds

Having an open and free back-body is important. So forward folds are super important to maintain in a healthy yoga practice. 

In this 15-minute video, we'll learn about forward folds such as paschimottasana, uttanasana variations like gorilla and padangustasana, pyramid or parsvottansana, ardha hanumanasana, wide-legged forward fold, etc. 

Two things that are important to remember about forward folds: engage your core (especially the lower belly to open the lower back) as you engage your quads to open the hamstrings, and also you always want to counter forward folds with heart-openers (backbends). 

For beginners or returners to the practice with a high amount of instruction. Part of the 7-Day Beginner Yogi Series: Foundations of Your Practice.

This is the last public video for this series. You must be signed up for the free series in order to receive the link to the last 3. Join us! The next 3 days offer special instruction on hip-openers, inversions and a grand finale flow full of twisting and balancing. 


What did you experience during this practice? Did you need to make kind adjustments for yourself? Anything come up?

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