Day 1 of the Free in 5 Days Detox Program to Lose Excess in Body, Mind & Soul

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Day 1 of the Free in 5 Days Program!  About 15 minutes long. Every day we will work the core first, then there will be a strengthening, slimming flow followed by some thyroid work to boost the metabolism so the metabolism can work to help us reduce excess weight in the body, mind and soul.

Please refer to the meal guide and meditation for full guidance! Thanks for taking part in this detox - we are all going to feel good, and that's what it's all about!

Expect a challenging navasana flow (row your boat) following by a cat/cow flow that also will stimulate the thyroid through its very nature, and then bridge and supported bridge for the thyroid again.

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Comment below: What was your experience with this practice? What are your experiences with the overall program? 

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