Day 2 of the Free in 5 Days Detox Program: Lose Excess in Body, Mind & Soul

Day 2 is here! So happy you're here - whether you're taking part in the free detox program or not. But there's a whole lot to gain if you are! 5 days of meditations, practice and guidance on what to eat.

As usual for all yoga videos in this program, you'll need a block. Then enjoy a strengthening flow followed by the thyroid stimulation. We are dropping all things that hold us back, that weigh us down! Let's do this.

One thing I would like to say here is that Manduka is my favorite yoga brand. I’m using a different mat here because I keep my Manduka at the studio, but my favorite mat and all other props are all Manduka, coming from a yoga teacher who’s tried a lot of stuff. I get asked about yoga brands a lot, and this is my answer. Just saying.

As for clothes, I get a lot of my stuff from Yoga Outlet because they have a wide selection, plus good deals and promotions sometimes.

This is the last day of this program available to people not signed up for the program. If you'd like to do the whole deal, here's your chance: 

free in 5 days detox program image.png

Comment below on your experience! Struggles here? Successes?

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