Powerful Yoga Flow for Inspiration & Creativity

All levels with options to modify. Block and blanket required for this flow. 

powerful yoga flow for inspiration and creativity.png

Our goal is open up and stimulate the top 4 chakras - the heart (Anahata) chakra, the throat (Visshuda) chakra, the third eye (Ajna) chakra, and the crown (Sahasrara) chakra. So we move from the heart upward. 

This allows us to lay a foundation of love and compassion in the heart chakra, of authenticity and truth in the throat chakra, of inspiration and strong imagination from third eye, and connection and clear channeling through the crown chakra. 

Bridge pose and variations, wheel pose with option for supported bridge, ball, plow, supported shoulderstand, plow and fish. Then we get on hands and knees to get into a variation of anahatasana with the block, and then short dog to lead to a nice uttanasana and finally, we end in a high mountain with lotus mudra. 

In case you are wondering about which yoga mat and accessory brand I prefer, I love Manduka.

In case you’re wondering where I get my yoga apparel, I go to Yoga Outlet because they have a huge selection of stylish yoga clothes.

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