The Heart's Eye Yoga Flow: See with Love

Props needed: block and blanket. 

This flow is active with a little bit of yin ending. You'll be burning in the legs and glutes a little bit. 

We sit for a moment to sync with the breath. We use mantra and mudra to activate the energy that we need in the heart.

The mudra is just a triangle, pressing the pointer fingers of each hand together, and then also pressing the thumbs together. We bring this hand gesture to the center of the chest, right at the wheel, the energy center of the heart. 

Some of poses and actions are designed to pump energy into the heart, to enliven and energize the heart center. 

The end should feel very good, should help you to bring plenty of light into the heart center. Imagine light shooting up and out of the center of the chest. Try to imagine that for everyone and everything that comes into your presence. 

And especially, imagine it for yourself. 

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A wonderful, quick way to activate the light of the heart is to practice gratitude. Gratitude is a wonderful way to use the heart's eye. If you need help getting into a daily gratitude practice, try this free email course:

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Crystals and gems are highly interactive with their environments. They absorb, store and emit energy and information. Because of their stable makeup, they can store all kinds of information and emit it out into the world. They react to the input of someone's energy and information (like a mantra or intention). Likewise, they emit a certain vibration frequency that could alter the energy field (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) of the person or other energy form in their immediate environment. 

  • This obviously leads to energetic change. Healing, uplifting, cleansing, empowering, inspiring, energizing, magnifying, balancing, restoring. Depending on the crystal with its specific benefits and your own intention, a crystal could be your catalyst. Powerful tools for meditation and yoga. I get my crystals from a great source: Click here to shop Sage Goddess Collectible Crystals.


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