The Perfect Yoga Flow for the Neck & Shoulders

The perfect 20-minute yoga flow for neck & shoulders.png

This flow is like or better than a massage for the neck and shoulders. Especially the end!

It’s an all levels flow. Props needed: wall space, bolster, block and blanket. You might not need all of them, but the bolster and blanket might help you to be more comfortable in the end.

We start seated with rolling the neck while arms and hands stay in reverse namaste or clasping opposite elbows as a variation. Followed by some side bends with a focus on the neck, opening each side of the neck.

Then we move into a table top and a table top variation. Please let the head fall all the way back here, as far as you possibly can.

After that, we flow from plank to dog and into a warrior flow with a variation on wide-legged forward fold, with neck & shoulder work emphasized.

Then it’s time to relax with a supported fish pose of sorts. Watch where you put the block and use the other props to adjust yourself to more comfort. I make recommendations in the video, but it’s up to you to get comfortable. We spend about two minutes in that restorative, supported pose because it’s so healing for the neck and shoulders.

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