This is my offering. This program has been years in the making. Years of research, years of hard-won experience, years of certification, years of practice, years of teaching, years of coaching, years of reading.

All of that has powered up this powerful, beautiful 28-day program: the Inside Out Life-Lift.

The IOLL is a digital, 28-day program that will elevate you and transform your life - your body, your mind, and your heart. The end result: a major lift of your Life, with a capital L. It's your soul's turn to take the wheel, to step back onto the throne of your being. When truly embraced and practiced, this system is incredible for the entirety of a person. This is an online master class that can be taken in the 28 days, or at your own pace.

This is a holistic cleansing, balancing and building program for your whole being. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, I can hold space for you to make it happen through this program. But the real goal, as you can tell from the title of this 28-day master class is YOU, your soul.

Because that’s where everything is. The fun is getting there, coming into the truth of who you are, and experiencing the splendor of your brilliance.

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If you feel stuck in negative states, overly stressed and depleted, or far away from the goals you’ve set for your life, I’ve been there.

And I know the way out.

You need to change the vibration of your energy field and set off on an upward spiral.

My 28-day system will help you change your frequency.

My promise to you: I will elevate you higher every day into the higher truth of who you are. All you have to do is come along with the intention of stepping into the beauty of your real Self and creating a higher life from there.

I want you to feel years of baggage and self-doubt roll right off your shoulders. I want to show you a new view from higher heights. Feel my support and my unconditional love as you break through what’s keeping you in a low vibration, as you move through what’s keeping you sad, anxious, angry, or stagnant.

As humans, we have to move on and evolve. We are called to ascend and grow. We have to change what’s not working. And most of us need help with that, need some expert guidance.

I would be honored to be that expert guide. To be your personal teacher in energy elevation.

Stress and anxiety are pervasive in your world.You feel stuck, depleted, and drained often - you're having a lackluster experience of life. You feel unhealthy and powerless often. You're having trouble accomplishing .png

Here’s what you’ll get in these transformative 28 days:

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Every day you’ll get a Lift-Lesson. These are presentations that range that will be anywhere from 12 minutes to 45 minutes long, depending on the subject of the day. All the Lift-Lessons build off of each other, and these will be enlightening, uplifting, and will provide the exact shift of perspective that you need, deliberately heightening your energy with healing truth.

Each video comes with its own worksheet. These worksheets contain prompts that you could answer within the worksheet itself or journal about in your own device or journal.

They also come with word-for-word transcripts of each video so that you can print out if you want to review afterward, read along while listening, make notes, or preview prior.

Every day, we will have a mantra that I will ask you to keep at the forefront of your mind - to repeat to yourself silently throughout the day.

These videos are the cornerstone of this program. A Lift Calendar will be provided to you to keep you on track, complete with the mantras for every day.

Here’s what people are saying about my positive living and mindfulness teaching:

I truly can’t put into words how much Liza has helped me. Her guidance, tools and techniques helped me see clearly all the things in my life that were holding me back and causing resistance. Her support gave me the courage to change course and do what was ultimately best for me during a tough period in my life. I feel happier, healthier and more like my true self that ever before. And even more miraculous, I am eight months pregnant with a baby girl after having been unable to conceive for two years. Her work really does change lives!!
— Mary B.

But is it good or healthy to always be positive? Isn’t it better to be real? Positivity can be associated with denial, fake optimism and ignorance, can’t it?

I’m not talking about positivity in terms of blind optimism and denying reality! Actually it’s quite the opposite. I’m talking about the layered spectrums of life, and trying to stay on the positive end of any spectrum which means fullness, abundance, upward and outward expansion.

When we are closed to positive energies, the negative energies come in, but it’s only absence, as in darkness in the absence of light. Yes, I believe in facing things head on and walking through them, and even walking past the zero point on the spectrum. This means facing reality and living in a balanced state, wherein you can easily come back to positive living (full and whole living). In fact, I’m more of a realist than anything, to tell you the truth.

Negative states come from negative movements of our energy fields, which means closing, hardening and contracting inward and downward. And a positive movement is opening, softening and expanding forward and upward. Both are necessary movements in life, but often, the negative movement and states are the predominant ways people are living.

This is what i mean by positive living.

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Experience your physical, mental and emotional truth and eventual freedom through these powerful and carefully put together yoga classes.

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These classes are for all levels, with plenty of room to grow and challenge beginners, intermediates, and advanced yogis alike. They are a blend of hatha, vinyasa, yin, and restorative. There’s plenty of pranayama, and toward the end, we begin to incorporate mudras into some of the poses.

The daily mantra is a big part of these daily yoga practices. I do recommend having the normal yoga props: blocks, strap, blanket, and bolster. They will not always be needed, but there are enough times when they will be recommended.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to accelerate your yoga practice, but my intention here is to release you from energies that hold you back, and to expand your awareness, helping you to live in a grounded practice as you move through your life.

Here’s what people are saying about my yoga instruction:

Liza, what a yoga instructor! The first time I was on the mat in her class I realized this young woman has many talents. Not only can she read what her students need as they are participating in the poses, she makes one feel as if they can do any pose from the least to the most difficult. She exudes a willingness to connect your mind, body, and spirit. Breathing is on her list of priorities as her students practice, and she has taught me the importance of using your breath to work through the more difficult transitional poses. Even in day to day stressful situations, I find myself returning to Liza’s instructions of relaxing and breathing through the issue. It really works.
If you have not had a session with Liza, give yourself the gift of yoga with one of the greatest yoga teachers I know. As I grow in my yoga instructorship, I only hope to one day be as awesome as Liza.
— Sharon M.
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Start every day with a beautiful meditation that will use one or more elevating techniques: awareness, mind expansion, soul and core alignment, visualization, breath awareness and control, energetic enhancement, emotional body freedom, sensitivity training, heart-field brightening, imagination, empowerment, creativity instigation and refinement, law of attraction, physical and mental softening, and more.

My voice and silence are what make up these meditations. No distracting music - just my guidance as expand the energy of what you are. This is perfect if you’re new to meditation, and if you’re experienced in the practice. Perfect for a beginner in meditation all the way to a more experienced practitioner.

These are audio meditations that you can download and enjoy offline. I do recommend listening in a quiet room while alone, but I understand more than anyone that is sometimes not possible. So just try your best when picking a time and place to meditate. Both the meditation and the yoga are perfect for the mornings, and I highly recommend waking up early for all three: Lift-Lesson, yoga session, and meditation practice.

HEre’s what people are saying about my meditation instruction:

Liza provides seriously great meditation instruction without taking herself too seriously. Her knowledge of the subject shines through bright, clean and clear just like the light we are striving to become. Liza’s teaching flows smoothly and enables the meditator to fully relax into the breath and moment.
— Pat W.

I start each of the 4 weeks by giving you a 5-day meal guide, a grocery list, and any necessary recipes for the week. The beginning of the first module has an explanation of the meal guides and grocery lists.

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This is just a guide: substitute what you don’t like and add what you do. But I do ask that you keep it clean, unprocessed and mostly plant-based. That is key. The food we eat plays a large part in how our energy field vibrates, and if we’re trying to move to the next frequency, then we will have choose foods with a higher vibration. Local, seasonal, organic and unprocessed when you can manage it, though that’s not required.

The meal guides are almost vegetarian (some fish here and there). But these meal guides can be tweaked to go either way - you could go vegan easily or add clean meat to any meal, as you see fit. You know your body and what you need. The recipes are based on the science of Ayurveda, and they are also vegetarian. You need to do what’s best for you, and also pay attention to any allergies, though these meal guides are extremely hypoallergenic (almost no dairy and no gluten).

And then there’s the couple of days you have to eat whatever you want! Just please don’t binge on junk food: keep your elevation in mind. Tip: I recommend having a little spoonful of honey and cinnamon in oatmeal when having a sugar craving.

Here’s what people are saying about my holistic nutrition coaching and meal guides:

I can’t say enough about Liza’s nutrition coaching! After carefully considering my dietary situation, she was able to make suggestions that have really improved my eating habits and ultimately my overall health and how I feel!!
I especially liked the way she was able to reduce the sugar in my diet, and introduce me to healthier substitutions. Her knowledge about different grains were especially beneficial to me. I learned so much from her, And she made it easy for me to incorporate the changes I needed to make.
— Vanessa B.
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So let’s review what you’ll be getting in total (for the price of a nice shirt you’ll only wear twice) with this program besides freedom from what holds you back, a total uplift in perspective, energy, and life, and everything you deserve:

what you will receive official.png

Among the numerous studies showing the positive benefits of yoga, meditation, and a clean, plant-based diet, this is one of my favorites:

book and mat graphic.png

A study published by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience studied the brain and subjective wellbeing before and after a retreat that involved yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and a clean, plant-based diet.

They studied the brain: something called BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor), psychometric measures, circadian cortisol levels in saliva (hormone levels involving stress and sleep), and inflammation markers in the blood. They psychometric measures that were studied included: depression and anxiety, mindfulness, absorption and retention, and the relationship between psychological improvements and biological, physical changes.

Overall, participants professed a decrease in both depression and anxiety, and increases in mindfulness. There was also an increase of BDNF in plasma levels. The BDNF measure is a neuromodulator, and it’s key to memory, regulation of mood, learning, inflammation, immunity, metabolism, and hormone processes like stress response.

They also saw increases in a measure called Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR), which means greater stress resilience. And an overall decrease in various inflammatory markers called cytokines.

Source: Science News, “Yoga and meditation mind-body health and stress resilience.” 2017.

So yes, this program works. We can’t all go away for a yoga and meditation retreat, so let me bring the yoga and meditation retreat to you!

Wondering about the curriculum? Take a look:

WEEK 1_ final.png
WEEK 2_ The Second Level of Positive Vibration Day  (1).png
Week 3 final.png
WEEK 4_ final .png

Wait a minute, I’m not done yet. I want to give you a couple of bonuses!

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As a gift from me, for partaking in the program (and I think you’re just fantastic for doing this for yourself and for the world), you’ll get 2 bonuses (not included in price of Program) and because these are wonderful supplements to the whole program, but not required:

BONUS #1.png
BONUS #2_.png
Greater resilience as you move through your life + more freedom for body and mind A more peaceful, joyful and even exhilarated way of living - whole being benefits More connected and authentic, healthier relationship.png

questions you may have about this program:

  1. This is a lot of content for the price. Is it quality? Why is it so affordable?

    Oh yes, my love, it’s quality. Once you start the program, you’ll see I don’t hold back. I poured my everything into this course. From the yoga to the meditation to the Lift-Lessons to the worksheets to the meal guides to the grocery lists. You’ll see my passion for vibrating higher and living a full life once you get in there. I chose the price because I think everyone should have access to wonderful physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This program is worth over 220, but I ‘m trying to affect change in the world. Not everyone can afford to go on transformative yoga or meditation retreats, or go to a therapist, or hire a personal nutritionist. But many can afford to walk through this program, raise their vibrations, and then pay it forward from there.

  2. What’s the deal with your yoga classes? What if I’m a beginner? What if I’m more experienced?

    The IOLL yoga classes build in level as the program goes on. But every single class is accessible for all levels. This means that it’s perfect for both beginners and experts. The more advanced yogis have fun, and so will the beginner yogis. My yoga instruction is very detailed for beginners, and deepening for seasoned yogis too. There are many options as we move forward throughout the program, but every class is for all levels. It’s actually a great program for beginners because you learn so much and grow in your practice quickly, in the privacy of your home. You might be doing all sorts of stuff by the end of it. And the more advanced practitioners will enjoy the building momentum of each class, with lots of options to make your poses more creative.

  3. What if I just wanted one part of this program and want to ignore the rest?

    Well, the good news with that is you’d get your money’s worth if you followed any one component of this program. It’s certainly your choice if you want to do that. But I strongly discourage that. I want you to allow yourself to experience the whole program. The elements of this master class are designed to work together on the levels of mind, body, emotional energy, and spirit. My goals for you are high, literally. It’s supposed to be an elevation for the whole being, and to get there, you’ll need to practice all of the healing and uplifting elements of this program. Obviously, it’s not something that’s required. You have prerogative.

  4. Will I lose weight while I progress through the IOLL?

    This is not a weight-loss program. We are not trying to achieve any kind of look that society deems attractive. That said, because of the clean eating and the yoga (and also the regular exercise and hydration that I recommend), it is likely that you will lose weight. So I don’t recommend this program for those who are underweight, pregnant, or are suffering from conditions wherein you need to gain weight. This program, if followed correctly, will cleanse you. We are releasing excess only, on every level of being.

  5. What about the holistic nutrition part? What do I need to know?

    Each week, you get a 5-day meal guide and an accompanying grocery list. The first week leans more toward cleansing. The other weeks are balancing. I’m certified to guide people on how to eat in a way that cleanses the body of what holds you back. I give a beautiful explanation of the meal guides in the first week, first day. But here is the gist: 3 meals and two snacks a day, and these are mostly plant-based. I suggest you get to know what works for you, and add meat as you see necessary. Everyone’s body is different, but there is plenty of protein without meat. This is not a fasting cleanse. I believe in eating food, and that you can cleanse by eating less and by being intentional about what you eat. If you want to fast, do so with caution. And I do not recommend it for the yoga classes. Also, feel free to subtract too, if you want to make the meal guides completely vegetarian/vegan. These are yours to make your own, according to your tastes, what you can eat and what you can’t.

  6. Why is the program 28 days?

    I’m following cues from the recovery community. 28 days is the amount of time I’ve seen for real change to happen in rehabilitation. Past the point of synapse rewiring, and habit-forming and into the realm of true transformation. I’m also following cues from nature: the moon, the ocean, the female cycles, and the way nature seems to work in 4 segments (4 weeks). And with everything I wanted to say, it worked out perfectly.

  7. How is this program different from other personal development programs?

    My best answer to this is that I’m not afraid to tell you the truth. I’m not afraid to give everything to you straight. Also, the positive vibrations and their resulting positive modes of being are my own original content that came to me slowly over the years. My teachings are completely original, and I can make you see what you’ve heard before differently. I also bring applicable exercises to the table that have worked in my own life. Also my yoga teaching and meditation teaching is my own, and it’s highly effective. I can’t do anything halfway.

  8. What do I need for this program?

    You don’t need anything but a willingness to rise and put down that which holds you down + a little self-discipline. What you must have, which you already probably have if you’re reading this, is a device for downloading the PDFs, watching the videos, and listening to the audio meditations. Optional: You might also want a journal or a laptop, where you can freeform write your daily thoughts according to the prompts on the worksheet. But you may write straight on the worksheets. You might also want to invest in a little yoga gear: two blocks, a bolster, a strap, and a blanket. But you can always substitute everyday things for these props.

  9. Do I have the time for this?

    Each day or whole lesson (including yoga and meditation) will take 1 hour, sometimes 1.5. I say that for 28 days, it will be easy to find the time to spend lifting yourself with this program. I think it’s best to get up an hour early to focus on this so that your mind is ready for the day. I have two careers and two children, and so I know the importance of making time for self-growth, and also how precious time is. I promise this will be the opposite of a waste of your time. This will be time beautifully spent. Another thing: you don’t have to do this in 28 days. If you need to take more than 1 day for every “Day” or lesson, feel free. Take your time with this program if you need to. 28 days, 56 days, or 84 days - it’s up to you and what you feel is right. Just don’t give it up.

  10. How should I progress through the program?

    Please go in order, because the program builds as we go on. I recommend going through the material in the mornings. I say to get up early (with the sunrise) and set aside an extra hour for this. I say do your freeform journaling first thing for a few minutes, then watch the Lift-Lesson of the day, take a little time for the worksheet prompts, then the yoga session, then the meditation. This is how I’ve ordered it within the platform. You can always do the meditation during your lunch break or before you pick up the kids or in a free moment when you have some stillness.

  11. Where are all these materials? How long will I have access?

    The program materials are housed within a trusted, safe platform where you can log in, go through the materials, and view your progress. It’s completely safe to download all the materials from the trusted platform, and your payment process and login information will always be safe. That’s a guarantee. Yes, all the materials are downloadable so you can have access any time that you want to listen/look/watch. That’s lifetime access to everything.

  12. What is your refund policy?

    We have a 30-day, money-back, satisfaction-guaranteed refund policy. We want you to be pleased with your shift. We will ask to see your progress in the program and why you it didn’t work for you. We are confident in this program and guarantee it will lift you. Any physical bonus and bonus expenses (excluding digital information and discounts - as in a free product sent to the student’s home) will be deducted from the amount refunded.

If you have any more questions or want to see my credentials to teach this content, please email me, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Join me! Get ready to move through your elevation, affect the world around you, and create the beautiful life you that you are called to live.

It’s an honor to be your teacher. I’m so grateful that this is my calling - to help you and others raise your vibration from within.